OK, you’ve already decided that Medical Billing is the business for you. Maybe you’ve been in business for a little while now but you don’t have enough (or any) clients. Getting clients is the hardest part of starting a Medical Billing Business.

New Clients don’t usually just drop out of the sky, although it does sometimes happen that way. But in most cases you have to actually go out and market yourself. To some people, marketing comes very naturally. They don’t have to even think about it. They could sell ice to an Eskimo. But for the rest of us, we actually have to work, and work very hard at marketing.

When my mother and I started our business I told her I would handle all the technical stuff, she could handle the business end and the marketing. I didn’t ever want to have to sit down with a provider and sell myself. That just was not my strong point. Shortly into it however, I realized that was not going to be possible. It took both of us to sell ourselves. Alice could handle the business end, but when they needed to know something technical, she needed me there.

There are many different methods you can use to market. Of course, word of mouth and personal referrals are the best marketing method, but if you do not have many clients that doesn’t go to far. If you have any friends or family in the medical field they can possible give you some referrals. Let everyone know what you are doing – billing insurance claims for medical professionals. Then ask them to let you know if they hear of any doctors having problems with their billing. They could even mention your service to their doctors.

Cold calling is another method of marketing. I actually became quite good at cold calling and have lots of funny stories now as a result. Like the time I walked into someone’s house to find several people eating lunch at their dining room table. Hey, there was a sign on the house that indicated it was a Dr’s office! How was I suppose to know.

Anyway, if you need to get clients for your medical billing business you are going to need to market. Find the marketing technique that works best for you and that you can do effectively, and jump in. Nobody is going to grow your business for you.

Copyright 2008 – Michele Redmond

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