Interesting Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

10 Interesting Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamonds are pricey. That’s why people made ways to make it more affordable and that’s where lab-grown diamonds were created. Lab-grown diamonds are the best alternative to naturally mined diamonds because they have the same properties and they are hard to differentiate. Learn about what makes lab-grown diamonds more affordable and sustainable so you can be enlightened why they can be a good choice too. 

How long do lab-created diamonds last?

Just like naturally mined diamonds they can last long since they are created the same as the naturally mined. This means their properties are the same, so when it comes to durability and longevity they can be equal. If naturally mined diamonds are strong enough to last long, so do lab diamonds. 

Do lab-grown diamonds say lab-grown on them?

There is a rule that governs selling lab diamonds. They should be labeled correctly by stating that they are indeed lab diamonds. Sellers are not allowed to claim that they are naturally mined diamonds since this is a form of deceiving customers. Therefore they have to be labeled properly and emphasize that they are lab-grown diamonds. 

Are lab-grown diamonds unique?

Each lab-grown diamond has its own attribute too just like naturally mined diamonds. They can also be graded with the 4cs which includes: color, clarity, cut, and carat. Lab diamonds are evaluated and traded carefully to determine their attributes. The 4cs of the ab grain diamond will also determine their price. Just like naturally mined diamonds the color of the diamonds should be as colorless as possible to get a high value. For clarity, it should be flawless too to get a higher value. For the carats, each carat counts since they are priced according to carats just like mined diamonds. And lastly, the cut should also be perfected to make it last longer and have greater durability. 

Why do lab-grown diamonds have no resale value?

Lab diamond’s value is the same as that of the naturally mined diamonds. They can be depreciated up to 30% depending on their attributes. Therefore, it’s not you that lab diamonds don’t have resale value. Actually, lab-grown diamonds that have a marked history can also be valued at a high price just like naturally mined diamonds that play an important role in a history of being kept as an heirloom to know people. 

Can a Jeweler Tell That a Diamond is Lab Grown?

Even a jeweler has a hard time telling which one is naturally mined and lab-grown, especially if they are not using the proper tools. As a jeweler, they are trained to scrutinize diamonds but when it comes to comparing naturally mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds using their naked eye, it will be hard to tell. Maybe with proper tools and enough time, they can be able to tell but it needs effort, knowledge, and skills to tell the difference between the two. 

Why are Lab Grown Diamonds More Affordable?

There are several reasons why lab-grown diamonds are affordable. One is because they are created for a shorter period, while diamonds have to be created for billions of years. The time of creation affects the price of the diamonds. The second would be the manner they are produced. Lab-grown diamonds need less effort to have one created while naturally mined diamonds need to be dug up for the ground and need a lot of equipment to unearth them. The third one is competition since more and more people are into buying them the price competition is straight. Sellers need to lower their prices to be able to get more customers to buy from them. 

Knowing the interesting facts about lab-grown diamonds before purchasing one can serve as your guide to the best lab-grown diamond on the offers you get from jewelry stores you will be checking on. Always compare prices and offers from different jewelry stores so you can pick the best. Lab-grown diamonds can be a good choice if you are on a budget besides it is hard to tell them apart from naturally mined diamonds. This is the best alternative for naturally mined diamonds, so opting for lab-grown diamonds can save you more and still get the satisfaction you want.