When war occurs, families flee the disaster-torn areas and wind up in other countries with no home and no way to support themselves. These people need donations and other help from people like you. You may be on the fence, wondering whether the help you supply does any good at all. The truth is that donating to others always helps you as much as it helps others. Here are some ways donating your money and time helps you.

1. Donating To Others Helps You Feel Connected

Real estate investor Stefan Soloviev recently donated $1 million to Americares, an organization that provides medicines and other relief to Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Romania. He made the donation to honor his Ukrainian grandmother. Donating to others helps you feel connected to those in need.

2. Donating Strengthens Your Ties to Others

When you donate to those organizations on the ground in war-torn countries, they provide you with a clearer picture of the situation. Donating money was a way Stefan Soloviev could help the country of one of his ancestors. Giving to others strengthens your ties to other groups of people.

3. Donating To Others Gives You a Sense of Purpose

Everyone needs a sense of meaning in their lives. It’s important to know that you have made a difference in the lives of others. When you improve the lives of the vulnerable in society, especially children, your life takes on new meaning. You have a sense of purpose.

4. Donating To Others Makes You Feel Good

When you donate to help others, you feel better about yourself. This good feeling is great for your perspective on life. Your brain releases endorphins into your bloodstream, making you feel good. You have increased self-esteem and experience inner peace and joy.

Also, people who donate tend to have better friendships and are more satisfied with their lives and careers.

5. Donating To Others Is Good for Your Health

Stress is a contributing factor to many health issues, including high blood pressure and other illnesses. When you give to others, that stress is reduced. You experience less anxiety. That anxiety is a negative emotion that can also trigger illness. By giving regularly, you experience better health and live longer.

Donating to others inevitably helps those in need, but it can help you as well. When you donate either your time or your money, you feel better and more connected to those around you.