Teleseminars – Make Money With Teleseminars and Beat the Recession


I have long been a fan of teleseminars and believe they are one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching a large audience. In the current economic climate where people are not travelling as much to seminars and conventions, it is easy to contact a number of customers, prospects and followers via a teleseminar. As a graduate of the Teleseminar Secrets program I am in a state of constant learning about methods for making money with teleseminars.

You must plan ahead, send emails, fax broadcasts,audio postcards and mail to your market as well as think about promotions on social media outlets. What will you do..inform, educate, motivate, inspire or promote? What is the best time to conduct your teleseminar? Is your market B-2-B or B-2-C? Business To Business Markets work best during the working day while Business to Consumer tends to work better in the evening. I believe that you can make money doing teleseminars and using them as an online marketing tool also.

In marketing the session you might set up a campaign to register your participants where you ask them:”What is Your Most Burning Question about……..”. This can be accomplished without a website by using a service like the Ask Database. This service will ask your customers to help create your content. When customers help create and you deliver the content they are interested in you will have an engaged audience.

Learning to conduct Teleseminars that are profitable for you will help you grow your business exponentially. If you are like most people, you have a wealth of information that your customers and clients would benefit from learning about. This can change the lives of your customers , make you more money and deepen your relationships. A great trainer in these methods is Oregon-based Kathleen Gage.

Kathleen has been training speakers, authors, coaches, entrepreneurs and Internet marketers who want to drive thousands of potential clients to their website. Many have learned a great deal from Kathleen Gage. Let me encourage you to use the Teleseminar method to grow your business by getting more on the subject.

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