Tankless Water Heaters – More and More Popular and For Good Reason

In this age of spiraling, out of control energy costs, many of us are economizing everywhere we can and whenever we can. We have gone over the budget with a fine tooth come in an effort to trim the fat and eliminate the waste. One budget related solution that can help you significantly reduce your energy consumption and that will bring you convenience and comfort in the process is the tankless gas water heater.

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The standard hot water system, even with improved heating coils, operating mechanisms and insulated tanks, still can’t rival the efficiency of the tankless gas water heater. When you go tankless, you eliminate the unnecessary heating of gallons upon gallons of water. Plus, there is no wasted energy in maintaining the water within the holding tank at a specific minimum temperature. With the tankless gas variety, you heat up only the water that you use and not a drop more.

The energy savings that result with this style of water heater are so significant that sizable tax deductions are available, in most cases, when you have one installed. The government wants you to conserve energy and they are willing to offer incentives to make that a reality. And, though there are electric tankless options, if you are trying to maximize savings, generally gas is the cheaper alternative. In most municipal utility districts, gas is the less expensive energy source when it’s all said and done.

You need not worry about the capacity of instant model either. They are as small or as large as you need them to be. The smaller, bathroom water source tankless water heaters, for example, discretely fit at the source of the water flow and create instant heat. The bigger, whole house versions, work in the same manner, but on a larger scale.

Finally, convenience simply can not be understated in the discussion. There are probably countless times that you have had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for the water to heat up to be able to comfortably shower or bath. And, who doesn’t remember the unpredictable nature of the traditional water heater, producing ice-cold, biting streams of water that seemed to freeze you to the core, only to be instantaneously followed by scalding hot bursts that felt like they were removing layers of flesh. With the tankless solution, those painful bathing memories are a thing of the past.

So the next time you are reviewing the budget in its entirety and removing line after line with either a scalpel or hatchet, take a look at the old water heater and consider parting ways with that temperamental culprit. Bring in a new tankless gas water heater and get your utility bill expense account back into the black.